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Dear Francesco,

> On Aug 29, 2018, at 5:01 PM, Francesco Beretta <francesco.beretta at ish-lyon.cnrs.fr> wrote:
> Dear all,
> How would you model in CRM 6.2 a HTML page that you can retrieve by entering a URL in a web browser (and is therefore identified by the URL at a given date) ? As a E90 Symbolic Object or a E73 Information Object ?

I would say E73 as it is symbolic and propositional. Better yet, use D1 from CRMdig. As to the URL, it’s an appellation (since you could put that information object at a different point).

To capture read at, one would need an observation event or maybe a/the reading class?

> And if in this page I identify a spot, or arbitrarily defined portion of text (e.g. paragraphs 3 to 5) , or in a manuscript a well identified portion of the paper surface (by my description, e.g. the left corner of the manuscript page, 3 x 3 inches) which is meaningful to me but not necessarily carries a specific identifiable meaning in itself : how would you model this ?
For physical object, some E53 on the thing. For digital object, is more difficult… part with type? If it is just the text then you can just say that the E73 has part or incorporates this bit of text. If it is a screen shot, you could say that the one D1 carries features of the other D1. Depends on use case.

Those are my two cents anyhow.

> Thans for your help !
> Francesco
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