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Mon Oct 15 09:23:36 EEST 2018

Dear Massoomeh,
you can use the direct relationship  "P130 shows features of" from the 
CRM which is a shortcut of more detailed derivation chains through 
creation events (and parts of) that you will decide if you want to model 
this analysis (and make a model) - otherwise you can use the FRBR: R2 is 
derivative of

hope I helped,

Athina Kritsotaki

Στις 2018-10-14 12:24, Massoomeh Niknia έγραψε:
> Dear all,
> I would like to know how would you model two versions of very similar
> texts?
> I have two texts which are the minutes of two meetings. The texts
> approved by two groups of managers in the two different meetings. At
> the second meeting, the managers change some approved items (one or
> two) and make the new ones but the texts are similar to each other.
> I would like to know which kind of relationship can describe the
> connection between them better? they can not relate to each other as
> the 'narrower' or 'broader' items.
> Maybe the term "parallel texts" could define the relationship between
> the texts but I'm not sure and I would like to know how to model such
> a case with the CRM family models.
> Thank you in advance.
> Kind regards,
> Massoomeh
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