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Tetsuro KAMURA kamura at noc.geidai.ac.jp
Thu Oct 4 11:05:08 EEST 2018

Dear all,

My name is Testuro KAMURA, working as a researcher and IT manager at the
Art Media Center, Tokyo University of the Arts.
My specialty is museum informatics and I’m particularly interested in
Linked Open Data for arts and cultural resources.

I have been involved in the project for Digitization of University’s
Archives for three years.
Of course, I'm not only  interested in digitized objects, but also CIDOC
activities, such as CRM, Documentation Standard and so on.
I greatly appreciate your cooperation.


 Tokyo University of the Arts
 Art Media Center : http://amc.geidai.ac.jp/
 Archive    Center : http://archive.geidai.ac.jp/
 Tetsuro KAMURA
 kamura at noc.geidai.ac.jp
 Linked Open Data Initiative: Director
http://linkedopendata.jp/?page_id=267 <http://linkedopendata.jp/>


2018年10月3日(水) 18:46 Martin Doerr <martin at ics.forth.gr>:

> Dear All,
> We welcome Mr. Tetsuro KAMURA, from the Tokyo University of Arts, as new
> representative of the Japan Art Documentation Society (JADS),
> replacing its representative Mr. Hidenobu Kujirai, former member of the
> Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art.
> Our particular thanks to Mr. Hidenobu Kujirai and Mr.Koga, chairman of
> the Japan Art Documentation Society, very much for all these years of
> support of our work, and we equally look forward to continue the
> collaboration with Mr. Tetsuro Kamura from now on.
> Best wishes,
> Martin Doerr
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