[Crm-sig] Initial temporal property use cases

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
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Social constructs

·         Ownership – initiated and terminated by an Acquisition, expresses the temporal validity of has_current_owner

o    E.g. The Getty has owned Irises since 1990, and still does, and did not lose ownership between then and now

·         Custody – as per Ownership, relative to Transfer of Custody

o    The Getty had custody of Irises from 1990 until June 1999, at which point it transferred custody via a Move to the National Gallery of Canada, for the purpose of an Exhibition

·         Identification – temporal validity of a P1_is_identified_by between something and an Identifier

o    Knoedler and Co assigned an identifier to Rembrandt’s Lucretia - 23007

o    The NGA assigned an identifier to the same painting – 1937.1.76

·         Naming – similarly temporal validity of P1, for an Appellation rather than an Identifier

o    The painting had the name “The Rape of Europa” until sometime in the 70s, but was then renamed to the more politically correct “The Abduction of Europa” (and the original name was translated from the published name, “El rapto de Europa”

o    Knoedler calls the painting “Lucretia Stabbing Herself”, whereas the NGA call it just “Lucretia”

·         Valuation – assignment of value for an object (monetary amount)

o    In 1913, Lucretia was valued at $130,000 and then later in the year at 39,000 GBP

·         Usage – that a thing was used in a particular way – either via p2_has_type or other

o    A building can be used as a church, and then as a restaurant.

·         Profession – p2_has_type of a Person

o    Lewis Carroll was a photographer for a time, an author for a time, and a mathematician for a time

·         Gender – p2_has_type of a Person

o    Bruce Jenner was a male, and then a female (and took the name Caitlyn Jenner)

·         Nationality – p2_has_type of a Person

o    Angelina Jolie is American (by birth), but gained Cambodian nationality by decree of King Norodom Sihamoni, in 2005


·         The painting The Night Watch was originally larger than its current dimensions of 363cm x 437cm. It was cut down in 1715 when it was moved to the Amsterdam Town Hall to make it fit.

·         Existence – the state between Production and Destruction ☺

Hope that helps!


Lucretia: https://www.nga.gov/collection/art-object-page.83.html
Irises: http://www.getty.edu/art/collection/objects/826/vincent-van-gogh-irises-dutch-1889/
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Angelina: https://people.com/celebrity/angelina-jolie-gets-cambodian-citizenship/
Nightwatch original content: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Night_Watch#/media/File:Nachtwacht-kopie-van-voor-1712.jpg

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