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Dear All,

Since E75 Conceptual Object Appellation has been deprecated, we have to deprecate P149 as well:

P149 is identified by (identifies)

Domain:              E28 <>  Conceptual Object

Range:                E75 <>  Conceptual Object Appellation 

Subproperty of:   E1 <>  CRM Entity. P1 <>  is identified by (identifies): E41 <>  Appellation 

Quantification:    many to many (0,n:0,n)

 Scope note:         This property identifies an instance of E28 Conceptual Object using an instance of E75 Conceptual Object Appellation.

Examples: §  The German edition of the CIDOC CRM (E73) is identified by ISBN 978-3-00-030907-6 (E75) 


PLEASE VOTE : YES for Deprecating, NO for not deprecating, by Nov. 23 2018.



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