[Crm-sig] ISSUE 345, P59 needs change

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Thu Nov 15 16:43:49 EET 2018

Dear All,

Since E46 Section Definition has been deprecated, we need to change the 
scope note of P59:

      P59 has section (is located on or within)

Domain:E18 <#_E18_Physical_Thing> Physical Thing

Range:E53 <#_E53_Place> Place

Quantification:one to many (0,n:0,1)

  Scope note:This property links an area to the instance of E18 Physical 
Thing upon which it is found.

  It is typically used when a named E46 Section Definition is not 

E18 Physical Thing may be subdivided into arbitrary regions.

/P59 has section (is located on or within)/is a shortcut. If the E53 
Place is identified by a Section Definition, a more detailed 
representation can make use of the fully developed (i.e. indirect) path 
from /E18 Physical Thing through P58 has section definition, E46 Section 
Definition, P87 is identified by //E44 Place Appellation//./A Place can 
only be located on or within one Physical Object.


§HMS Victory (E22) /has section/ HMS Victory section B347.6 (E53)

New Scope note:

"This property links an area, i.e., an instance of E53 Place to the 
instance of E18 Physical Thing upon which it is found. This area may 
either be identified by a name, or by a geometry in terms of a 
coordinate system adapted to the shape of the respective instance of E18 
Physical Thing. Typically, names identifying sections of physical 
objects are composed of the name of a kind of part and the name of the 
object itself, such as "The poop deck of H.M.S. Victory", which 
iscomposed of "poop deck" and "H.M.S. Victory". "



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