[Crm-sig] PLEASE VOTE (deprecating P58, issue 345)

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Thu Nov 15 16:24:57 EET 2018

Dear All,

Since E46 Section Definition has been deprecated, we have to deprecate 
P58 as well:

P58 has section definition (defines section)
Domain: E18 <#_E18_Physical_Thing> Physical Thing
Range: E46 <#_E46_Section_Definition> Section Definition

Quantification:    one to many, dependent, (0,n:1,1)

Scope note:         This property links an area (section) named by a E46 
Section Definition to the instance of E18 Physical Thing upon         
                     which it is found.
The CRM handles sections as locations (instances of E53 Place) within or 
on E18 Physical Thing that are identified by E46 Section Definitions. 
Sections need not be discrete and separable components or parts of an 
                         This is part of a more developed path from ‘E18 
Physical Thing’ through ‘P58 has section definition’, ‘E46 
Section                                   Definition, P87 is identified 
by, E44 Place Appellation that allows a more precise definition of a 
location found on an                             object than the 
shortcut P59 has section (is located on or within).

                         A particular instance of a Section Definition 
only applies to one instance of Physical Thing.


§ HMS Victory (E22) has section definition “poop deck of HMS Victory” (E46)

*PLEASE VOTE : YES* for Deprecating, *NO *for *not *deprecating, by Nov. 
23 2018.



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