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Dear All,

Here my proposal for a better scope note:

      S11 Amount of Matter[1]

Subclass of: S10 <#_S10_Material_Substantial> Material Substantial

Superclass of:S12 <#_S12_Amount_of> Amount of Fluid

S13 <#_S13_Sample> Sample

Scope note:This class comprises fixed amounts of matter specified as 
some air, some water, some soil, etc., defined by the total and 
integrity of their material content. In order to be able to identify and 
recognize in practice one instance of S11 Amount of Matter, some sort of 
confinement is needed that serves as a constraint for the enclosed 
matter and the integrity of the content, such as a bottle. In contrast 
to instances of E18 Physical Thing, no stability of form is required. 
The content may be put into another bottle without loosing its identity. 
Subclasses may define very different identity conditions for the 
integrity of the content, such as chemical composition, or the sequence 
of layers of a bore core. Whereas an instance of E18 Physical Thing may 
gradually change form and chemical composition preserving its identity, 
such as living beings, an instance of S11 Amount of Matter may loose its 
identifying features by such processes. What matters for the identity of 
an instance of S1 Amount of Matter is the preservation of a relevant 
composition from the initial state of definition on.


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