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George Bruseker bruseker at ics.forth.gr
Mon Mar 5 12:34:22 EET 2018

Dear all,

I forward to you, on behalf of our hosts, important logistic information regarding the upcoming SIG that will be held in Lyon this May. Thanks again to our hosts for the invitation to hold the SIG with them. We look forward to seeing you there!



> It's a good time to advertise for the upcoming SIG especially since it is sometimes difficult to book a hotel in Lyon at the last minute.
> So the location of the meeting will be:
> Centre de la Recherche
> 18 rue Chevreul
> 69007 Lyon
> coordinates: 45.74934, 4.83787
> http://www.univ-lyon3.fr/centre-de-la-recherche-eugene-chevreul-1132215.kjsp <http://www.univ-lyon3.fr/centre-de-la-recherche-eugene-chevreul-1132215.kjsp> (in French)
> This location is in the university district, near the city centre.
> Nearest tramway or metro stations:
> "Quai Claude Bernard" on tramway T1 line.
> "Centre Berthelot" on tramway T2 line.
> "Jean Macé" on metro B line.
> Transportation network website: http://www.tcl.fr <http://www.tcl.fr/>  (Fares: http://www.tcl.fr/en/Fares/Fares <http://www.tcl.fr/en/Fares/Fares> )
> Recommended hotels:
> In the immediate neighbourhood:
> the most nearest hotel (3 min walk) is B&B Lyon Centre Perrache Berthelot, a brand new one - http://www.hotel-bb.com/en/hotels/lyon-centre-perrache-berthelot.htm <http://www.hotel-bb.com/en/hotels/lyon-centre-perrache-berthelot.htm>
> another nearby hotel is Hôtel du Helder, a traditional one - http://hotel-helder.fr/ <http://hotel-helder.fr/>
> There's a lot of hotels on the other side of the Rhône river, in the centre of Lyon - 2nd district (69002). Not far from the Lyon Perrache railway station and the meeting place (around 15 min walk). For example:
> Hôtel du Simplon - https://www.hotel-simplon-lyon.com/ <https://www.hotel-simplon-lyon.com/>
> Hôtel Vaubecour - http://www.hotelvaubecour-lyon.com/ <http://www.hotelvaubecour-lyon.com/>
> Hôtel des Savoies - https://www.hotel-des-savoies.fr/ <https://www.hotel-des-savoies.fr/>
> But any hotel in Lyon or Villeurbanne city limits near a metro or tramway station could be fine.
> How to reach Lyon:
> By plane:
> Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport (LYS)
> Airport shuttle to city centre (to Lyon Part-Dieu railway and metro station): https://www.rhonexpress.fr/en <https://www.rhonexpress.fr/en> 
> By train:
> Lyon Part-Dieu station
> Lyon Perrache station (15 min walk from the meeting location and recommended hotels)
> For any question, SIG members can contact me directly by email.
> Best,
> Vincent.

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