[Crm-sig] ISSUE Form and persistence of RDF identifiers

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Hi Martin,

Could you lay out, beyond costly and lengthy in person meetings, could you describe how best someone might actively participate? In our experience of bringing issues that have arisen in the linked.art work to the list, there has been some discussion, but no useful resolutions that might become editorial work that could be taken on.  The text of the specification, by being managed in a word document (it would appear, from the PDF), is not able to be edited by a distributed team of volunteers.

Modern specification efforts, including the W3C and IIIF, with linked.art following their lead, use github to manage issues, changes and publication of the content. A modernization of the specification management practices might enable volunteers to be more active, with their efforts recognized and tracked.  If this was decided to be a good way forwards, I would be happy to volunteer the time to set up the repository and publishing platform.

I hope that helps,


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Dear All,

Thank you very much for your engagement in these issues!
Let me remark, for all those that find our practices alarming, that
nobody of us is paid for the maintenance of the CRM.
It is exclusively an engagement of volunteers and engagement of
organizations for a common good.
What is really alarming for me is the lack of users offering active work
beyond criticism.

We are now in the 22th year of development. If you want to have a CRM in
which you can find some practices alarming in the future, better engage
now and support us by coming to the meetings, learn understanding the
methods and do editing work, tools development, didactic material etc;-).

Besides inviting people to our meetings and learning in the discussions,
we'll be very glad to offer intensive training in our methods
and principles to anybody interested. Without the one or the other, some
e-mail discussions may repeat old arguments in a fragmented way,
never convincing, because the overall logic is not exposed. The art is
balancing all practical requirements and a crystal-clear separation
between the intellectual and technological levels.

Interested people may be domain professionals with a long-term data
modeling and standards mission, consultants, but in particular also
post-graduate students that can combine their subjects with
methodological research and become trainers themselves.

So I hope some of you are alarmed enough to join us actively:-D!



On 1/18/2018 2:29 PM, Richard Light wrote:

This is alarming.  I have always assumed that a superseded class or
property would simply be flagged as "deprecated" and a new one minted
to replace it. There is absolutely no need to re-use numbers, and I am
hoping someone will come forward to say that this was a mistake, and
not a change which accords with CRM-SIG policy.  Otherwise, as you
say, we can have no confidence in the CRM as a persistent RDF
framework, whether or not the class and property identifiers include a
textual component.  Is this an isolated case, or does anyone know of
other cases where domain and range (and indeed meaning) of a class or
property has been changed after its initial publication?

(The textual component is, in any case, only meant to be guidance and
is explicitly stated not to be unique: 'is identified by' below is a
good example of this.)

Best wishes,


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