[Crm-sig] On #cidocCRM and #RDF -- thanks, resources, and PRESSoo interest

Jim Salmons jim.salmons at factminers.org
Fri Jan 19 21:51:54 EET 2018

To all SIG members who have contributed to the #cidocCRM in #RDF


Thanks to all, especially Richard Light for posting his initial draft of
guidance on implementing the CRM in RDF.


On the resource side of things, I just noticed that the OWL file from the
Erlangen CRM/OWL project was helpfully added to the SIG's current version
page download links (http://www.cidoc-crm.org/Version/version-6.2). For more
information, including documentation, links to relevant papers, and links to
the Erlangen FRBRoo OWL implementation and its documentation, see the
project's website at http://erlangen-crm.org/documentation.


As I am focused on developing the MAGAZINE format with a
#cidocCRM/FRBRoo/PRESSoo ontological "stack" as an extension of PRiMA's PAGE
GTS (ground-truth storage) format
(http://primaresearch.org/tools/PAGELibraries), I would especially like to
hear, on list or off, from anyone using PRESSoo in their work or research.
Of particular interest are digital collections using either or both RDF and


Happy-Healthy Vibes, 

-: Jim :-


    Twitter: @Jim_Salmons


    www.medium.com/@Jim_Salmons/ <http://www.medium.com/@Jim_Salmons/>  (my
#CognitiveComputing/#DigitalHumanities articles)


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