[Crm-sig] ISSUE Recording an E41 in RDF

Martin Doerr martin at ics.forth.gr
Mon Jan 15 21:52:26 EET 2018

Right. We have often discussed it, but I am not sure if we have written 
a guideline, and it is not in the right place, or if we have only 
exchanged e-mails about it.
I put is as an issue, in case its new. The point is that we cannot make 
rdf label a subproperty of p1.



On 1/15/2018 6:33 PM, Richard Light wrote:
> Hi,
> It's perhaps telling that I even have to ask this question at this 
> stage in the game.
> I'm not sure how to encode a person's name in RDF in a CRM-compliant 
> manner.  It's an E41 Appellation, and is linked to the person by a 
> P1_is_identified_by property, I'm assuming.  So far, so good.
> However, it looks as though I have the choice of not stating that it 
> is an E41, or of connecting the E41 to its string value via a property 
> which is nowhere defined in the CRM:
>     freeukgen:b65432#born a crm:E21_Person;
>         crm:P1_is_identified_by "Light, Thomas Edward" .
> or:
>     freeukgen:b65432#born a crm:E21_Person;
>         crm:P1_is_identified_by [
>             a crm:E41_Appellation;
>             {has-string-value} "Light, Thomas Edward" ] .
> The CRM definition gives strings as examples of E41, which implies 
> that the first form is acceptable. However, my instinct says that it 
> is wrong to finesse the fact that it is an E41 in this way.  If the 
> E41 /is /to be expressed, as in my second form, I would welcome advice 
> as to what the value of "{has-string-value}" should be.
> Whichever approach is correct, I am struck by the absence of a primer 
> which says, in straightforward terms, "this is how you encode CRM 
> concepts in RDF".  If it exists and I have simply missed it, please 
> point me in its direction and I will spread the word ...
> Best wishes,
> Richard
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