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All these examples show that the issue exist!

My opinion in short: there is of course a distinction between “hard” and “soft” copies. Hard (i.e. material) copies involve modifying matter; soft (i.e. immaterial) ones don’t. Hard copies are affected by degradation, soft ones don’t. Soft copies may be digital (e.g. music on a cd or on a hard disk) or analog (e.g. same music on vinyl) or ... (same music transcribed on music paper); hard copies are what they are. 
Association of soft stuff with the hard copy is rather subjective: BA BA BA BAAAAA may correspond to the beginning of Beethoven’s 5th symphony as well as Herbert von Karajan’s & Berliner Philarmoniker Orchestra digital version now playing on my Mac. There may be a “canonical” association between the soft stuff I receive and perceive, and a (master) hard version, e.g. between the 5th symphony and Beethoven’s original manuscript kept at Staatsbibliotek Berlin. I think most of the above is addressed in FRBR and CRM uses a simplification to deal with immaterial content, as it is considered to be borderline within its scope. But sometimes (this may not be the case) oversimplification turns into confusion.


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