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Dear All,

Here my proposals:

    "ISSUE 295

Following Martin’s proposal to remove class E84 since it does not 
satisfy the requirements proposed on issue 340, the sig proposed the 
examples of material carrier of a digital object to be moved to E24 of 
an E25 digital feature and possibly to E78 οr put example for E78 of 
Server holding Digital Asset Management.

Finally, the sig asked Martin to make an example. The issue will be 
complete with examples. It is decided to be created a new issue for 
covering the discussion aboutE84 staying or going"

*I propose:


      E84 Information Carrier

Subclass of:E22 <#_E22_Man-Made_Object> Man-Made Object

Scope note:This class comprises all instances of E22 Man-Made Object 
that are explicitly designed to act as persistent physical carriers for 
instances of E73 Information Object.

An E84 Information Carrier may or may not contain information, e.g., a 
diskette. Note that any E18 Physical Thing may carry information, such 
as an E34 Inscription. However, unless it was specifically designed for 
this purpose, it is not an Information Carrier. Therefore the property 
/P128 carries (is carried by)/ applies to E18 Physical Thing in general.


§the Rosetta Stone

§my paperback copy of Crime & Punishment

§the computer disk at ICS-FORTH that stores the canonical Definition of 

In First Order Logic:

E84(x) ⊃E22(x)

*New examples in:*

*E78 Curated Holding***

Subclass of: E24 <#_E24_Physical_Man-Made_Thing> Physical Man-Made Thing

Scope note:This class comprises aggregations of instances of E18 
Physical Thing that are assembled and maintained (“curated” and 
“preserved,” in museological terminology) by one or more instances of 
E39 Actor over time for a specific purpose and audience, and according 
to a particular collection development plan.Typical instances of curated 
holdings are museum collections, archives, library holdings and digital 
libraries. A digital library is regarded as an instance of E18 Physical 
Thing because it requires keeping physical carriers of the electronic 

Items may be added or removed from an E78 Curated Holding in pursuit of 
this plan. This class should not be confused with the E39 Actor 
maintaining the E78 Curated Holding often referred to with the name of 
the E78 Curated Holding (e.g. “The Wallace Collection decided…”).

Collective objects in the general sense, like a tomb full of gifts, a 
folder with stamps or a set of chessmen, should be documented as 
instances of E19 Physical Object, and not as instances of E78 Curated 
Holding. This is because they form wholes either because they are 
physically bound together or because they are kept together for their 


§the John Clayton Herbarium

§the Wallace Collection

§Mikael Heggelund Foslie’s coralline red algae Herbarium at Museum of 
Natural History and Archaeology, Trondheim, Norway

§The Digital Collections of the Munich DigitiZation Center (MDZ) 
accessible via https://www.digitale-sammlungen.de/ at least in January 2018.

In First Order Logic:

E78(x) ⊃E24(x)

*E24 Physical Man-Made **Thing***

Subclass of:E18 <#_E18_Physical_Thing> Physical Thing

E71 <#_E71_Man-Made_Thing>Man-Made Thing

Superclass of: E22 <#_E22_Man-Made_Object>Man-Made Object

E25 <#_E25_Man-Made_Feature>Man-Made Feature

E78 <#_E78_Collection>Collection

Scope Note:This class comprises all persistent physical items that are 
purposely created by human activity.

This class comprises man-made objects, such as a swords, and man-made 
features, such as rock art. No assumptions are made as to the extent of 
modification required to justify regarding an object as man-made. For 
example, a “cup and ring” carving on bedrock is regarded as instance of 
E24 Physical Man-Made Thing.


§the Forth Railway Bridge (E22)

§the Channel Tunnel (E25)

§the Historical Collection of the Museum Benaki in Athens (E78)

§the Rosetta Stone (E22)

§my paperback copy of Crime & Punishment (E22)

§the computer disk at ICS-FORTH that stores the canonical Definition of 
the CIDOC CRM (E22)

§my empty DVD disk (E22)

In First Order Logic:

E24(x) ⊃E18(x)

E24(x) ⊃E71(x)


P62 <#_P62_depicts_%28is_depicted%20by%29> depicts (is depicted by): E1 
<#_E1_CRM_Entity> CRM Entity

(P62.1 mode of depiction: E55 <#_E55_Type> Type)

P65 <#_P65_shows_visual_item%20%28is%20shown%20by%29> shows visual item 
(is shown by): E36 <#_E36_Visual_Item> Visual Item

*Scope Note extension:**

*E25 Man-Made Feature***

Subclass of:E24 <#_E24_Physical_Man-Made_Thing> Physical Man-Made Thing

E26 <#_E26_Physical_Feature>Physical Feature

Scope Note:This class comprises physical features that are purposely 
created by human activity, such as scratches, artificial caves, 
artificial water channels, etc. In particular it includes the 
information encoding features on mechanical or digital carriers.

No assumptions are made as to the extent of modification required to 
justify regarding a feature as man-made. For example, rock art or even 
“cup and ring” carvings on bedrock a regarded as types of E25 Man-Made 


§the Manchester Ship Canal

§Michael Jackson’s nose following plastic surgery

§The laser-readable “pits” engraved June 2014 in my CD-R, copying songs 
of Edith Piaf’s.

§The carved letters on the Rosetta Stone

In First Order Logic:

E25(x) ⊃E26(x)

E25(x) ⊃E24(x)

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