[Crm-sig] ISSUE: label of inverse property notation PLEASE VOTE

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Dear all,
In my opinion, A and B are not just two alternative labels for one 
property, between which we have to choose; they actually correspond to two 
distinct properties.
A corresponds to the most common case, in which we know precisely which is 
the "original" text, and which is the "translated" one. But B corresponds 
to a different situation, in which all we know is that two texts convey 
the same conceptual content and that most probably one is the translation 
of the other, but we do not know precisely which, either for lack of 
historical knowledge (you may find examples in the IFLA list of Anonymous 
Classics, < 
>), or because there is a political or legal motivation for regarding 
various linguistic expressions of a given content as perfectly equivalent 
(official texts of multilingual countries, such as Switzerland, or Canada; 
or supranational organizations, such as the European Union, IFLA, or ISO).
I leave it to Martin to decide whether we should have two distinct 
properties or not:
- P73 has translation (is translation of) / P73i is translation of (has 
translation) [a shortcut for a "long path" through an event that can be 
- Pn has other equivalent linguistic rendition [a symmetric property, and 
definitely not a shortcut: it is impossible to instantiate the translation 
activity; it has necessarily existed, but we don't know whether it 
happened from domain to range or from range to domain].
Best wishes,

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Dear All,
Should we change in the CRM definition text together with the "i" for 
inverse also the order of the two labels?:

A) P73 has translation (is translation of) => P73i is translation of​ 
(has translation)
B) P73 has translation (is translation of) => P73i has translation (is 
translation of) ?




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