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Christian-Emil Smith Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
Fri Jan 5 16:28:02 EET 2018

Dear all,

In connection with my HW on the cosequences of the deprecated classes (Issue 345 properties having domain or range deprecated classe?s) whcih also has consequences for the issue 276 FOL description of shortcuts, I did a close reading of several scope notes.

There are many scope note that are not conformant to the style rule (20+). A few examples are given below.  In my view the text of the 6.2.2 needs  cleaning. In most cases this reuires simple insertion of 'instance of'. In other cases the mening is clear but the text has to be rewritten.

The issue is: Should this be done and how/by whom? I volunteer to do the part of the job since I already have gone through most of the document. But I need someone to do the quality assurance ?



For example in the scope note below there should be inserted 'instance of'.

P83 had at least duration (was minimum duration of)
Domain: E52 Time-Span
Range: E54 Dimension
Quantification: one to one (1,1:1,1)
Scope note: This property describes the minimum length of time covered by an E52 Time-Span.
It allows an E52 Time-Span to be associated with an E54 Dimension representing it's minimum duration (i.e. it's inner boundary) independent from the actual beginning and end

There are also examples where a rewriting is needed:

P94 has created (was created by)
Domain: E65 Creation
Range: E28 Conceptual Object
Subproperty of: E63 Beginning of Existence. P92 brought into existence (was brought into existence by): E77 Persistent Item
Superproperty of: E83 Type Creation. P135 created type (was created by): E55 Type
Quantification: one to many, necessary, dependent (1,n:1,1)
Scope note: This property allows a conceptual E65 Creation to be linked to the E28 Conceptual Object created by it.
It represents the act of conceiving the intellectual content of the E28 Conceptual Object. It does not represent the act of creating the first physical carrier of the E28 Conceptual Object. As an example, this is the composition of a poem, not its commitment to paper.


P99 dissolved (was dissolved by)
Domain: E68 Dissolution
Range: E74 Group
Subproperty of: E5 Event. P11 had participant (participated in): E39 Actor
E64 End of Existence. P93 took out of existence (was taken out of existence by): E77 Persistent Item
Quantification: one to many, necessary (1,n:0,n)

Scope note: This property links the disbanding or E68 Dissolution of  E74 Group to the Group itself

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