[Crm-sig] Man- based class names

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Wed Apr 4 02:45:32 EEST 2018

Dear all,

Given that the names of the classes (and relationships) are not fixed, it would be wonderful if we could rename the classes that have “Man-“ in them to be more gender neutral. In particular, this would result in name changes for:

E22 Man-Made Object
E24 Physical Man-Made Thing
E25 Man-Made Feature
E71 Man-Made Thing

The smallest possible change would be simply to drop “Man-“ and leave the “Made”, thus E22 Made Object, E25 Made Feature and E24 Physical Made Thing.

Alternatively, “Artificial” is synonymous with Man-Made, or to make it into a noun, an “E22 Artifact”, compared with an E25 Artificial Feature and an E71 Artificial Thing.

“Produced” would fit in well with Production, but sounds less obvious to me, at least.

Other (IMO worse) options could include “Synthetic” (which would be strange for objects made from all natural materials), “Manufactured” (implies industrial scale with machinery), “Constructed” or “Built” (implies a large object such as a building or road).

Many thanks for your thoughts,

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