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Dear  all,
The pptx was made to clarify my own mind, and I hope it will not be confusing.


It starts with the current situation as in CRM 6.2.2.

I then see what happens if the cardinality of P4 is changed from (1,1:1,n) to (1,1:1,1).

I argue that the cardinality of P161 has temporal projection should be changed from (1,1:,1,1) to (1,1,0:1) allowing for instances of  E2 Temporal Entities without a spatial component. An example is I2 Belief.

With this cardinality E2 Temporal Entities and E52 Time-span may be seen as a single class.


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On 18/1/2017 1:30 μμ, Chryssoula Bekiari wrote:
> Dear All
> I would like to remind you the homework about issue 326 (second part
> of 309). Details you may find in the attached file
> all the best
> Chryssoula

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