[Crm-sig] provisional agenda for meeting in Crete

Maja Žumer Maja.Zumer at nuk.uni-lj.si
Thu Mar 23 23:04:48 EET 2017

Dear Chryssoula,

Two of us, Chris Oliver and I, can come on Thursday only. We will both participate in an IFLA meeting in Athens and can leave on Wedensday evening. Could the FRBRoo discussions be moved to Thursday? I believe we need the whole day to discuss LRM, the harmonised model which could also lead to FRBRoo core...

Best regards
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On 23/3/2017 8:00 μμ, Chryssoula Bekiari wrote:
Dear All,

You may find the provisional agenda for the forthcoming meeting in
.  and the provisional list of issues to be discussed  in
Please send us any request or comment  you may have about the agenda.
Also please let us know about your participation in this meeting.

best regards


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