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Kraft, Anneli (PHIL) anneli.kraft at fau.de
Thu Mar 23 14:27:54 EET 2017

Dear  All,

I have some questions in the subject area of Design and Drinking glasses.
My problem is I have on the one hand the concept oft the drinking glass series, which were  made from the producers (companies), and on the other hand i have the real glasses in the museum.
For example I have the whole collection "Essence" made by Ittala, it contains 5 drinking glasses and one decanter, but the museum has only three parts of these collection. So how can I connect these two classes E29 Concept  and E84 (Drinking Glasses)?

The other question is which class can I take for trademarks, it is'nt meant the sign or logo, so I cannot take E37 (???),  but the juridical mark, a company can have several trademarks for he different product-lines such as adidas: adidas neo, original stella mcCartney etc..
I hope it was understandable what I mean.

Thank You!


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