[Crm-sig] "Media Type" and "predecessor/successor"

Maria José de Melo Henriques de Almeida m-jose.almeida at dglab.gov.pt
Tue Mar 14 19:30:34 EET 2017

Dear all,

In the course of our project that aims to replace our current information system by a new one built on an object-oriented model, we tried to verify the compatibility of the document Records in Contexts (RiC) with the CIDOC-CRM ontology, although we are aware that the document released by the EGAD group last September is still a consultation draft.

So far we could model almost every item of RiC using CIDOC-CRM with a few exceptions. One of them is the concept of "Media Type", defined as a "property of a record", as follows:

RiC-P12 Media Type:  The general type of intermediation device required to render the content of a Record.
Data Type: Controlled Term
Examples: audio; computer; microform; unmediated; video

Another is the pair of concepts "predecessor/successor", present in the listing of possible relations between "Records"(RiC-E1) , "Record Components" (RiC-E2), "Record Sets" (RiC-E3), "Agents"(RiC-E4), "Occupations"(RiC-E5), "Positions"(RiC-E-6), "Functions" (RiC-E7), "Activities" (RiC-E9) and "Mandates"(RiC-E10).

Any ideas how to represent these concepts with CIDOC-CRM...?

Best regards,

Maria José de Almeida
Técnico Superior / DSIAE


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