[Crm-sig] Rights model, ISSUE

martin martin at ics.forth.gr
Fri Mar 10 19:42:54 EET 2017

Dear Robert,

Attached how I would model your use cases now. Simply and deliberately, 
the CRM describes rights so far
only as current state. Note that the triangle P75,P104, P105 
circumscribes a state of "Right Holding" in the centre of the triangle, 
which would carry a time interval. If we introduce this class, P75,P104, 
P105 become shortcuts of three new properties connecting the rights 
holding to the corners.

I post this as issue, if this should be added to the CRM. I'd personally 
prefer to work on adequate extensions, because all the world of 
contracts, laws, business transactions and obligations, plans etc. could 
be dealt with more coherently separate from the material world view. 
What about a "CRM social"?

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