[Crm-sig] Rights model

Robert Sanderson RSanderson at getty.edu
Thu Mar 2 02:21:33 EET 2017

Just to note that I agree … but the point of the reference to transferring was that there are already well established and useful models for transferring things – E8 Acquisition, E10 Transfer of Custody.  (Plus my little extension of a Payment Activity that transfers MonetaryAmounts)

Thus, the rights of ownership and custody (one might argue that tenancy is a specialization of custody for Places, but thankfully we don’t have that need) are covered already for transferring, and there’s no good way to model the period of ownership of an object by an actor.  So we should look to other potential uses of rights in the general sense to see what could be useful.

E30 seems clunky at best for establishing the other main concerns of museums … copyright of content, and asserting licenses under which that content can be used.

If there’s the possibility of a better way, that would be great :)


On 3/1/17, 12:34 PM, "Simon Spero" <sesuncedu at gmail.com> wrote:

    On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 9:07 PM, Robert Sanderson <RSanderson at getty.edu> wrote:

    Can I then transfer ownership of an E30 Right? No, as you transfer ownership of Physical Things (E18), not of Propositional (E89), Conceptual (E28), Man-Made (E71), Things (E70).
    Such a limitation would not really match the way the law thinks of "Rights". "Rights" can be transferred separately from ownership of a physical thing. 
    For example, if you rent an apartment, the lease is a transfer of the "right" to occupy the premises from the landlord to you, without giving you ownership of the property. 

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