[Crm-sig] IFLA Governing Board has endorsed FRBRoo ver. 2.4

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Wed Mar 1 19:27:04 EET 2017

Dear Christine,

Also my congratulations! We are looking forward to continue promoting 
with you together semantic interoperability in the long term, without 
compromising precision, and we hope for more and more adoption by the 
communities. We are experiencing more and more FRBRoo applications in 
the scholarly discourse even beyond libraries. It appears to solves a 
quite general intellectual question.

All the best,


On 1/3/2017 5:14 μμ, Christine Oliver wrote:
> Dear Colleagues of the CIDOC CRM SIG,
> The IFLA FRBR Review Group is very happy to announce that FRBR_OO 
> version 2.4_is now officially endorsed by the IFLA Governing Board. It 
> has taken a bit of time to achieve this goal. But we finally got 
> there, and just in time, as we begin to work on FRBR_OO version 3 this 
> April.
> The endorsement is dated December 2016, though there was a delay in 
> informing us because a request from IFLA Governing Board was not 
> relayed to us until yesterday. The IFLA website will be updated 
> shortly. In the meantime, the text of FRBR_OO , ^version 2.4, ^at 
> http://www.ifla.org/node/10171 <http://www.ifla.org/node/10171> 
> remains the same, except that the endorsement statement will be added.
> Thank you very much to all the members of the CIDOC CRM SIG who 
> assisted in the development of FRBR_OO version 2.4. A fruitful 
> dialogue and I look forward to our future discussions as FRBR_OO 
> continues to evolve.
> Best wishes,
> Chris
> Chris Oliver
> Chair, IFLA FRBR Review Group
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