[Crm-sig] wikidata (potential) use of cidoc crm terms

Marco Neumann marco.neumann at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 18:59:18 EEST 2017

has someone looked into the use of CIDOC CRM terms in wikidata?

I noticed a few similarities in the wikidata vocabulary to terms used
in the CIDOC CRM.

for example

 beginning of existence (Q23956340)

with the following scope note:

 class of events that cause the emergence of persistent items

the item, a term used by wikidata, was created by Christopher H.
Johnson a Researcher at the Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen
on  1 May 2016‎ as a subclass of single event (Q29818016), itself a
subclass of event (Q1190554).

I think it is a good thing when wikidata authors make use of the
Erlangen CRM or the CIDOC CRM respectively in the creation of the
wikidata vocabulary / items but I equally would also like to
"encourage" them to reference the use of the CIDOC CRM standard. last
but not least to improve the quality of content on wikidata.

I have observed the practice on wikidata to use the equivalent
property (P1628) to establish the link to external URIs.

e.g. instance of -> rdf:type

what are your thoughts on this?



Marco Neumann

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