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On 2017-01-06 2:06 PM, martin wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> Thank you very much for your message! Let me first comment your
> initial mail.

This reply of yours has only just popped into my in-box, so my previous
reply was written before I had read it.

> As a general remark to all other valuable contributions to this issue
> however: We should not loose focus: the CRM intends only to describe
> important facts for cultural-historical and scientific inquiries
> across integrated knowledge networks. If we want to describe any
> detail, we are free to put it in P2 notes or to make our own
> extensions. For instance, I'd argue that details of dimensions of
> museum objects are irrelevant to global queries. Would anybody
> research for all objects that could be 3.25 mm long, without any
> prior, substantial reduction of the search space? Without a strict
> scope limitation, we will end up modelling all sciences and businesses
> of the world.
I don't see how this argument applies to measurement of museum objects,
given what is already in the CRM.  We have /E16 Measurement/, which is
an attribute assignment activity, with properties /P39 measured
/specifying the thing measured, and /P40 observed dimension /giving the
result of the measurement activity.  This is an /E54 Dimension/: the
very thing we are discussing.  The examples in the scope notes include
the length of museum objects.  If measuring museum objects is 'out of
scope', what are these classes and properties doing in the CRM?

Also, while I agree that it is unlikely that anyone would search for all
objects that are exactly a certain length, they might very well be
interested in objects that have dimensions which are less than or
greater than a certain value.

> CRM compatibility does not prohibit any local extension of topics
> outside its scope. Since CRM SIG acts as standardization body, it
> cannot be proactive to needs. It can only react after some established
> practices need harmonization.
Measuring objects is a core part of museum documentation.  There is a
wealth of existing 'established practice' to support this.


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