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Dear All,

I will be attending, wearing three 'hats': CultureGrid; Europeana DSI-2 partner; CIDOC board member.

All the best,



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Dear all,

I assume some of you already know of this. It could make sense that someone from CIDOC were present, and most of the relevant people read this list, I believe.

Kind regards,


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Workshop invitation: Persistent Identifiers in the Humanities - 9-December at the British Library


Thu, 20 Oct 2016 15:04:36 +0000


Farquhar, Adam <Adam.Farquhar at bl.uk><mailto:Adam.Farquhar at bl.uk>

Antwort an:

events at project-thor.eu<mailto:events at project-thor.eu> <events at project-thor.eu><mailto:events at project-thor.eu>

Kopie (CC):

events at project-thor.eu<mailto:events at project-thor.eu> <events at project-thor.eu><mailto:events at project-thor.eu>

I'm writing to invite you to a workshop on the potential of persistent identifiers in the humanities with a focus on History. The workshop will take place in London at the British Library on Friday 9th December.

Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are increasingly embedded in the services that researchers use every day, enabling unambiguous attribution of the full range of scholarly outputs. This makes it easier for data producers and researchers to get credit for their contributions; for data centres, universities and funders to track the impact of the research they facilitate; for publishers to incorporate data into scholarly writing; and for researchers to discover and cite data with clear provenance.

Uptake in the humanities, however, lags behind other disciplines. We are running a series of workshops to better understand the potential for persistent identifier services in the humanities, identify barriers to uptake and create a roadmap to guide future development.

It would be great if you or someone from your team could participate. If you would like to recommend someone to attend, please let us know and we will try to extend an invitation.

Attendance is free, but places are limited so that we can have an active and open discussion. Please register by Thursday 3 November at https://thor_pidsinhumanities.eventbrite.com<https://thor_pidsinhumanities.eventbrite.com/>  so that we can arrange catering and plan appropriately.

The workshop is organised through the EU-funded THOR project (https://project-thor.eu/).

If you have any questions, please send enquiries to events at project-thor.eu<mailto:events at project-thor.eu>.

Kind regards,
Dr Adam Farquhar
Head of Digital Scholarship, The British Library
THOR Project Coordinator

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