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Tue Mar 8 21:30:18 EET 2016

Dear All,

CIDOC will not have an overall program for ICOM2016,
but CIDOC working groups are encouraged to elicit
presentations, that may be followed by any larger audience
than the working groups only. In general, the conference will
host some 2000 delegates or more. There are 5 hours available on
Tuesday July 5 for us, and possibly Wednesday morning 1.5 hours.
As CRM-SIG we intend to present interesting CRM applications
and elicit discussions on how to use the CIDOC CRM, and
what that requires from differet sides.

Please let us know as soon as possible, if you have any interesting
application to present, including CRM extensions.

We'll do our best to advertise the presentations to attract audience.

All the best,



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