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This an interesting issue that has links to visual arts. For example a series of lithographic prints (I know that each print is considered a unique piece of art) or more mundane positive copies of a photographic negative.

Also if I change the typeface in a word file, I get a new instance of E73 Information Object. On the other hand both the original and the new file on the disk may be considered to carry the information in one E73 Information object (the one where typeface is of no significance.

A more detailed discussion should in my view be added to the FAQ section of the definition of CRM.




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If you make a change you generate a new E73 Information Object no matter how minor the change.

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I know that we have metadata about original image inside of a file with the prtrait. So, they mark which copy is original.
If I change size or other changes - metadata will be desroyed. Thus, image made by my Nikon S1 or by iphone -original - all others - copies, because they are a result of my activity titled copying.

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