[Crm-sig] Quick question: In response to naysayers in DPLA discussion....

Jim Salmons jim.salmons at factminers.org
Wed Jul 13 19:05:33 EEST 2016

To All, especially those with such informative replies,

With both sides of my family having a strong streak of autodidactism
(self-learning) that some would say borders on OCD (obsessive compulsive
disorder :-) ), I am so excited to have such a wealth of links and insights
to digest for my upcoming Medium article about the emerging significant
implementations and extensions of the #cidocCRM.

I am currently on a trip to visit family in Boulder Colorado as my wife
Timlynn and I are determined to relocate there for whatever remains of our
post-cancer #PayItForward Bonus Rounds of activity. Of course I'll have
spare moments to begin exploring the trove of pointers to the information so
kindly linked to in the responses to this thread of discussion. But it will
realistically be a while before I can do justice to my planned article.

I am excited about writing the article because, as most of us know, writing
about something is very often the best way to motivate yourself to clear
thinking and learning.

As both Timlynn and I love to write, we have a favorite author who has
written a powerful book on this subject. Almost anything William Zinsser has
written about the art and science of writing is worth reading. But one that
speaks volumes to me and Timlynn is his "Writing to Learn." If you are not
yet familiar with him, please don't hesitate to try a taste. Here is a link
to info and reader comments, etc. :

Thank you all again for helping me to learn and use the #cidocCRM and its
growing family of models. As before, I am particularly interested in hearing
from folks and projects using #FRBRoo and especially #PRESSoo.

Happy-Healthy Vibes... and Good Reading and Writing,
  -: Jim Salmons :-

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