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Hi Jim, and hi everyone,
Here is a further reference: it's about the use of FRBRoo and CIDOC CRM in 
the French research project named "DOREMUS", which focuses on the 
extension of both ontologies to the field of music (concert planning, 
scores, audio and video recordings, and documentation about musical works, 
from heterogeneous data stores produced by various institutions with 
various descriptive traditions and formats): < 
http://library.ifla.org/1322/1/093-choffe-fr.pdf >. Unfortunately, the 
paper is only available in French so far, but an English translation will 
be provided very soon -- hopefully (once it is available, it will be 
accessed from: < http://library.ifla.org/1322/1/093-choffe-en.pdf >.
"Serious-ontologies-bashing" has turned quite trendy nowadays. CIDOC CRM 
is not its only victim; FRBR-LRM, the IFLA model that integrates FRBRer, 
FRAD, and FRSAD, was venomously attacked too, by narrow-minded advocates 
of "quick and dirty Frankenstein ontologies". In these times of 
selfishness and fragmentation, consistency and robustness are deemed 
outmoded. I've no clue what will result from these trends; but for sure 
they're here to stay. The smart advocates of the "Pick whichever property 
from whatever ontology you like" attitude will only realize the mess 
they've created when it is too late.
Best wishes,
Patrick Le Boeuf

Patrick LE BOEUF
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Fellow SIG folk,

I've had a while to think about things, and want to report a slight change 
of plan.

I greatly appreciate the excellent information provided in the thread of 
this discussion, and it has certainly been a wonderful personal learning 
experience to find out about the exciting implementations and support for 
the #cidocCRM in deployed systems in such prestigious institutions and 
research centers. 

I have, however, decided to "keep my head down" and not write a Medium 
article to encourage the DPLA to be more open and transparent with its 
Archival Description Working Group (ADWG) and to better support 
international standards, especially the #cidocCRM, in its hiring of a Data 
Usage and Analytics Developer.

It is hard enough just being an independent, unaffiliated 
#CitizenScientist. Being an advocate for the #cidocCRM in the U.S. with 
our too often "Not Invented Here" and "Go Big or Go Home" attitudes, I 
can't risk alienating an organization that I hope to eventually have 
credibility and influence with.

That said, when I do have a chance in the next few weeks, I plan to write 
an non-DPLA-oriented article focused on the wonderful systems, projects, 
and institutional support of the #cidocCRM as evidenced by Dominic's 
tweets and the various posts to this discussion. So, in this sense, please 
do not hesitate to provide additional contributions to this list citing 
the "latest and greatest" #cidocCRM-compatible systems.

BTW, I am especially interested in learning about any projects or 
institutions using or planning to use #FRBRoo and, most especially, 

I also look forward to learning more about the recent two paper sessions 
on the CRM at #CIDOC2016 in Milan.

    Happy-Healthy Vibes,
    -: Jim :-

    Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
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