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Dear Jim,

You can point to researchspace.org, http://wiss-ki.eu/. Both are 
scalable OWL/RDF-based implementations, with complete data sets from 
some of the largest museums of Europe.
See also http://archesproject.org/ and 
The take-up of the CRM is very encouraging these days.

The argument is non-sensical, it is not the CRM that lags behind, but 
the IT technology.

Only about the year 2010, scalable Open Source Triple Stores with 
industrial quality appeared on the market,
that could manage "contexts" or Named Graphs, also called "quad stores". 
Without the latter, integrating data
in such environments meets an unsolvable "data warehouse update problem".

Since 2010, the normal development cycle needs 5 years to come up with 
stable applications.

Simply, the CRM was 12 years ahead of its time (first version finished 
1998). The reason being, that we at ICS-FORTH could demonstrate the 
technology with our in-house solution, the SIS system, long before other 
scalable semantic network databases with an RDF-like datamodel were 
available. On the one side, marketing the SIS system with all the 
continous portings to new platforms exceeded the capacity of our team. 
On the
other side, to be so far ahead gave the CRM a long time to mature, which 
rarely any other competitive model had.

All the best,


On 6/7/2016 6:08 πμ, Jim Salmons wrote:
> Hello CRM SIG folk,
> In a Twitter exchange where I expressed my disappointment in the 
> closed membership and non-transparent nature of the DPLA ADWG 
> (Archival Description Working Group), and disappointment in the 
> recently posted Developer for Data and Usage Analytics job posting 
> (https://goo.gl/rhckCk) not recognizing international standards such 
> as the #cidocCRM, there has been a strong condemnation of the 
> #cidocCRM stating that it not be taken seriously because “there are no 
> major scalable production systems after all these years” 
> (https://twitter.com/ewg118/status/750519840545398786).
> As my interest, research, and limited professional exposure is not in 
> this realm of “major scalable production systems,” I would appreciate 
> any advice for examples to counter this opinion.
> Thank you,
>     Happy-Healthy Vibes,
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