[Crm-sig] Quick question: In response to naysayers in DPLA discussion....

Jim Salmons jim.salmons at factminers.org
Wed Jul 6 06:08:59 EEST 2016

Hello CRM SIG folk,


In a Twitter exchange where I expressed my disappointment in the closed
membership and non-transparent nature of the DPLA ADWG (Archival Description
Working Group), and disappointment in the recently posted Developer for Data
and Usage Analytics job posting (https://goo.gl/rhckCk) not recognizing
international standards such as the #cidocCRM, there has been a strong
condemnation of the #cidocCRM stating that it not be taken seriously because
"there are no major scalable production systems after all these years"


As my interest, research, and limited professional exposure is not in this
realm of "major scalable production systems," I would appreciate any advice
for examples to counter this opinion.


Thank you,


    Happy-Healthy Vibes,

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