[Crm-sig] Cheers to #cidoocCRM presenters at #CIDOC2016 and an update from across the pond...

Jim Salmons jim.salmons at factminers.org
Wed Jul 6 04:53:04 EEST 2016

Hello fellow #cidocCRM SIG members,

I know many of you are in Milan for #CIDOC2016 and that today there were the
two sessions on #cidocCRM and research environments. I so wish I could have
been there for much-appreciated inspiration and comradery. I hope videos of
the presentations, or at least the papers and/or slides will be made
available to those of us who were not fortunate enough to be there.

While I have been quiet of late, I have not been idle. As my applied
research is focused on an innovative application of the
#cidocCRM/#FRBRoo/#PRESSoo ontological "stack", I have found much greater
interest and support for my research in the UK and Europe. Most exciting of
these collaborations is with the PRImA Research Lab at the University of
Salford (http://www.primaresearch.org/). Through this work, I was invited
onto the Program Committee for the upcoming #DATeCH conference (delayed from
this October until this coming Spring due to multi-conference scheduling

The most exciting part of these developments is that, at age 65, I am
submitting my first academic research paper! Bucket-List, check!!! :D As a
serial entrepreneur and corporate consultant, everything I did during my
career was proprietary. This experience is made all the more special for me
as I am doing my applied research as an independent #CitizenScientist and
#DigitalHistorian within my post-cancer #PayItForward Bonus Round activity.

My first paper submitted to #DATeCH describes my collaboration with PRImA
where FactMiners is proposing the MAGAZINE format as a superset of PRImA's
PAGE GTS (#GroundTruthStorage) format. Here is a link to a PDF of my
submission available from my OneDrive cloud storage: https://goo.gl/cFMcQH.

Since #DATeCH has been delayed until this coming Spring, I already have a
second submission in development which is going to be an excellent
complement to this current paper. I am working on a corpus/data-set of
Softalk magazine TOC (table of contents), mastheads, and Advertiser Index
pages as found here:

I am working with PRImA to help shift the OCR/layout-recognition folks from
a bottom-up page-focused approach (Rainman-type thinking) to a top-down
whole-issue and complete serial publication perspective (Sherlock-type

Specifically, I will be using #PRESSoo's Z12 Issuing Rule and Z5 Issuing
Rule Change classes as entity "containers" for a fine-grained pattern
language describing the complex document structure of the commercial
magazine. The ISSN SIG authors current scope note and examples for these
entities have a rather limited assumption about the potential use of this
model element. (See http://goo.gl/LqBGrz) But I believe Issuing Rules are a
perfect way to bring a top-down serial publication strategy to the text- and
layout-recognition strategy within the digitization pipeline.

If anyone is currently using #PRESSoo or has plans to use it, please feel
free to contact me so we can exchange ideas and explore potential

In closing, for those attending #CIDOC2016, please update us non-attendees
via Twitter and on this listserv when you have a chance so we can share the
excitement of learning about the latest work to advance the cause of
developing and encouraging the use of #cidocCRM.

As always, I value hearing from anyone sharing similar interests to my
applied research.

Also, while the format and presentation is not rigorous scientific
publication, I have been chronicling my insights and experiences in
exploring the intersection of #CognitiveComputing and #DigitalHumanities
through articles posted on Medium here:


I hope you have a chance to check out my Bonus Round activity. :-) 

BTW, for my and Timlynn's 25th wedding anniversary present to ourselves, we
funded the digitization of the complete 48-issue run of Softalk magazine
into the Internet Archive which is the repository where FactMiners and PRImA
are doing our collaboration (https://archive.org/details/softalkapple). The
latest edition of PRImA's Aletheia Ground-Truth tool now reads the Internet
Archive's standard djvuXML files and has been a tremendous accelerator to my
work developing the MAGAZINE format.

    Happy-Healthy Vibes,
    -: Jim :-

    Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky
    Twitter: @Jim_Salmons, @TimlynnBabitsky, @FactMiners, @Softalk_Apple

    www.FactMiners.org (Our #CitizenScience project)
    www.SoftalkApple.com (Our #DigitalHistory project)

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