[Crm-sig] Affiliation to F11/E74 ?

Dan Matei Dan at cimec.ro
Fri Apr 1 22:30:25 EEST 2016


I have a rather simple use case: I want to say "Virgil is the manager of the National Peasant Museum" (it is still true :-) Then I have 
to say that "x is a contact person for the National Peasant Museum, and her position within the institution is 'head of Communication 
Department'" [for that matter, I would also like to say "Jack Bruce was a member of Cream, as bass player, between 1966 and 1968"].

crm:E85_Joining and crm:E86_Leaving do not seem enough for that. So I'm tented to "invent" an entity 'Affiliation' and (at least) the 

<?Affiliation> <?dcterms:relation> <cem:F11_Corporate_Body>
<?Affiliation> <?has_as_subject> <crm:E39_Actor>
<?Affiliation> <?in_role_of> <?Role>

Please suggest established entities/properties useful in this case. I'm not happy to invent new ones.



PS. Problem with the fine distinction between F11 and E74...

F11 Corporate Body
"This class comprises organisations and groups of two or more people and/or organisations acting as a unit. To be considered an F11 
Corporate Body a gathering of people needs to bear a name and exhibit organisational characteristics sufficient to allow the body as a 
whole to participate in the creation, modification or production of an E73 Information Object. Groups such as conferences, congresses, 
expeditions, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, etc. are modelled as F11 Corporate Bodies when they are named and can take collective action, 
such as approving a report or publishing their proceedings."

My understanding is that an agent is a member by choice in an F11 (e.g. crm-sig). In contrast, someone could be member in E74_Group not 
only by choice, but also by birth, chance, etc. (e.g. the Greeks).

Am I right ?

Dan Matei
consultant (documentaristică, biblioteci digitale),
Fundația Gellu Naum,
[Institutul Național al Patrimoniului]

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