[Crm-sig] Fixity Hash in CRM

daniel riley daniel at verisart.com
Wed Sep 9 23:08:59 EEST 2015

Hello all,

I wanted to get confirmation on the correct application of the Cidoc-crm in
the case of checksum hashes (i.e. fixity values).

For instance if the hash of a digital image file computes to:

My first thought would be to use:

E38_Image - P1_is_identified_by - E42_Identifier (hash value)
E42_Identifier - P2_has_type - "SHA256 HASH"

However, the scope notes for E42_Identifier explicitly states:
The class E42 Identifier is not normally used for machine-generated

A hash is definitely machine generated, so what are the other options here?
Should I use a different ontology for this case?

Daniel Riley
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