[Crm-sig] How to represent the textual content of documents about museum objects?

Conal Tuohy conal.tuohy at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 07:55:34 EEST 2015

I have recently made an experimental software application to generate a
Linked Data expression of Museum Data from the public collection API of
Museum Victoria (Melbourne, Australia).

The Museum Victoria API is a custom-built web application which returns
custom JSON data. My experimental software is a proxy which translates
their JSON into RDF/XML using the Erlangen OWL version of the CIDOC CRM.
More details available here:

The Museum Victoria database contains a number of "articles" which each
describe one or more objects in their collection. I have modelled each of
these as an "E31 Document", and related them to the corresponding
collection items using "P70 documents".

My question is how to express the text of the actual articles (which the
Museum Victoria API provides as an HTML fragment embedded in its JSON
response). At the moment I have simply used rdf:value to attach the HTML
fragment as an XML literal to the E31 Document instance. Is this the
recommended practice?

Here is an example of one of these "articles":



Conal Tuohy
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