[Crm-sig] P138 example

Athanasios Velios a.velios at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 15:53:17 EEST 2015


With the usual apologies for the possibility of a naive question, I just 
wanted to double-check with the list that I have understood the example 
for "P138 represents" correctly. It says:

the digital file found at http://www.emunch.no/N/full/No-MM_N0001-01.jpg 
(E73) represents page 1 of Edward Munch's manuscript MM N 1, 
Munch-museet (E73) mode of representation Digitisation(E55)
The 3D model VAM_A.200-1946_trace_1M.ply (E73) represents Victoria & 
Albert Museum’s  Madonna and child sculpture (visual work) A.200-1946 
(E22) mode of representation 3D surface (E55)"

Yet the domain of "P138 represents" is "E36 Visual Item" and not "E73 
Information Object" which is a superclass of E36. Shouldn't the examples 
refer to E36 and/or the subclasses of E36 such as "E37 Mark" instead of 
E36's superclass? The reason I am confused is that in the examples it 
appears that a superclass E73 inherits the property from from a subclass 
E36. What am I missing?

All the best,


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