[Crm-sig] Call for papers - Special Issue of IJDL on "Extending, Mapping and Focusing the CIDOC CRM"

Franco Niccolucci franco.niccolucci at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 13:25:39 EEST 2015

Dear colleagues,

following the successful workshop at the TPDL2015 Conference held few weeks ago, the International Journal on Digital Libraries has agreed to publish a special issue on "Extending, Mapping and Focusing the CIDOC CRM”.

The Call for Papers is now available online here:

http://www.springer.com/799 (on the right side of the page, under “Special Issues: Call for Papers”)

Here are the important aspects of the CfP:

Submitted papers should assess and consolidate the advancement of CRM applications and they should indicate new avenues for future research in the knowledge organization domain, as regards heritage-related applications. They should also foster cross-domain fertilization between the heritage and digital libraries communities and provide a forum for debating the mutual impact of research questions in archaeology and heritage versus the most recent trends in digital libraries investigations. Due to the specific theme, contributions will be required to address together both knowledge organization aspects and the application profile. They will consist of research papers or top-quality reports of good practices, highlighting their exemplary innovation content.

Themes will include, but not limit to:

	•  Extensions and specializations of the CRM for heritage and archaeology applications
	•  Extensions and specializations of the CRM in digital humanities
	•  Mapping existing metadata schemas to the CRM
	•  Mapping repositories and tools
	•  CRM and other documentation standards
	•  Using CRM for gazetteers and thesauri
	•  Using CRM in Linked Data
	•  CRM and Natural Language Processing
	•  Formalization of CRM
	•  Querying, searching and faceted browsing of CRM repositories
	•  Reasoning with CRM
	•  Introduction of new key concepts in the CRM

Key dates:

	•   December 31, 2015 Paper Submission deadline
	•   February 28, 2016 First notification
	•   April 30, 2016 Revision submission
	•   June 30, 2016 Second notification
	•   July 31, 2016 Final version submission

Paper Submission

Papers submitted to this special issue for possible publication must be original and must not be under consideration for publication in any other journal or conference. Previously published or accepted conference papers must contain at least 30% new material to be considered for the special issue.
All papers are to be submitted by referring to http://www.springer.com/799. At the beginning of the submission process, under “Article Type”, please select the appropriate special issue. All manuscripts must be prepared according to the journal publication guidelines which can also be found on the website provided above. Papers will be reviewed following the journal standard review process.

Feel free to contact me for any further information.

Best regards


Prof Franco Niccolucci
Director, VAST-LAB
PIN - U. of Florence
Scientific Coordinator

Piazza Ciardi 25
59100 Prato, Italy

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