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Thanks Martin. I will write to Mr Wiegamd. 
He has sent me a copy of his thesis, if you're interested. 
Let me know if you decide to place the online material under a cc license. 
Best wishes
Nick  Nicholas Crofts
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 No objections from my side.
 May be we should put all content of this side under a cc license.
 On 26/3/2015 4:26 μμ, Nicholas Crofts wrote:

  Dear all, 
  The CIDOC secretary, Maija Ekosaari, has received a request from a certain Daniel Wiegand concerning the CRM-Core Mona Lisa example. He used this example in his Bachelor's thesis, Informationssysteme Im Kunsthandel, and is now asking for permission to use it in a published version.   
  The example http://www.cidoc-crm.org/crm_core/core_examples/mona_lisa.htm was created by Patrick Sinclair.  
  Are there any objections to granting him permission? 
  Best wishes 
   Nicholas Crofts
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