[Crm-sig] NEW ISSUE ambiguous meaning of "unit of documentation"

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Tue Mar 24 17:43:19 EET 2015

Dear All,

The scope note of E19 Physical Object says:

This class comprises items of a material nature that are units
for documentation and have physical boundaries that separate them
completely in an objective way from other objects.

The expression "that are units of documentation" originally meant:
"..that museums document for administrational purposes as one object".

It pertains to the unity criterion, not to the substance. We wanted to say
that the object is one object, because it is handled in the inventory as one.

It might be misleading, because only blaming documentation for the unity
appears to be completely subjective, purely referential and not comparable between

I believe it is rather a functional unity we wanted to express here.
An inventory is not just a "documentation", it is managing a storage space.

I believe the "documentation" aspect should be secondary to the following
part of the scope note:

"The class also includes all aggregates of objects made for functional purposes of
whatever kind, independent of physical coherence, such as a set of chessmen."




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