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I believe the salient, er,  feature, of a man made feature is that it is
formed by modification of some physically existing thing, and cannot exist
entirely separately from that substrate.

Immobility is not the defining characteristic (e.g. the examples of Michael
Jackson's nose in physical feature / man made feature).

[I am not entirely sure how robust the definitions are; the examples of
door and doorway have some concealed metaphysical assumptions.  A door may
not be a feature of a building, but it is a feature of the wood or stone it
was made from. A doorway is a hole, and the first rule of ontologies of
holes is "stop digging". The holonyms of door handles are tricky enough.]

Casati, Roberto and Varzi, Achille, "Holes", *The Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy *(Spring 2014 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <

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> New CIDOC CRM issue
> Dear all,
> Immobile buildings (graves, rock cut churches, chambers and generally
> immobile monuments) are defined as features since they cannot be separated
> from earth and the surrounding matter. The question is should we regard
> all the immobile buildings as E25 Man-made Feature? If the answer is
> positive,  at that case it is contrary to the examples of the Coliseum and
> the palace of Knossos, which in CRM are referred as instances of E22
> Man-Made Object and E19 Physical Object respectively.
> So, think about this
> Regards,
> Athina Kritsotaki
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