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This makes sense to me. I find no counter-examples on the top of my head (or IN the top of my head forming part of the space time volume of my head forming part of…)


17. mars 2015 kl. 17:11 skrev martin <martin at ics.forth.gr>:

> Dear All,
> I was pointed to the fact that E92 Spacetime Volume lacks a containment property.
> The property E4 Period P10 falls within E4 Period is described as:
> "This property associates an instance of E4 Period with another 
> instance of E4 Period that falls within the spacetime volumes occupied by the latter." lala
> Since E4 Period in CRM v6.0 IsA E92 Spacetime Volume, P10 should be property of E92, and no more
> of E4. Then, it will also be a property of E18, meaning that within some object, for some time, there
> was something else, for instance, a golden bracelet in a treasury box. Sounds quite intuitive.
> It may also be, that inside a thing something happened, such as Lord Nelson dying in a room
> on HMS Victory. Finally, it may mean that within some Period, some object or person existed,
> which is equally correct. Summarizing, not only gives this generalization credit to the fact that
> P10 does not describe a causal or part-of relation, but the mixing of periods containing things 
> and vice-versa appears to be quite intuitive.
> Best,
> Martin
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