[Crm-sig] FRBRoo / CRM for prints?

Christian-Emil Smith Ore c.e.s.ore at iln.uio.no
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Hi Regine
If I understand AAT correctly, it is a thesaurus and is as such a hierarchy of concepts and can be seen as a incarnation of a hierarchy under the E55 Type. 
In a CRM/FRBRoo context a print is a physical object (one of the items of  a series), for instance a lithography, a  paper carrying an image  or more. A lithography would usually  be given the AAT type 'print'  (or belong to this type/be a member of the set of objects that can be said to belong to the hypothetical set of all prints). 

This may not be what you have in mind?


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>Did anybody go into depth with FRBRoo / CRM modelling or mapping for
>prints (visual works) (-> http://vocab.getty.edu/aat/300041273 ;-)) , or can
>point us to respective work on this kind of material?
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