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Jim Salmons jim.salmons at factminers.org
Sat Jul 25 07:03:59 EEST 2015

Thanks for the clarification. This will be an awesome event in any case. Are
there plans for video streaming or recording for later webcast?
A video of this workshop does seem like it would be an invaluable addition to
the cidoc-crm.org resources.

Jim Salmons
Twitter: @Jim_Salmons, @FactMiners

On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 10:24 PM, Franco Niccolucci
<franco.niccolucci at gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Jim,

thanks for your interest in the CRM workshop at TPDL2015. However, I must
clarify that it is *about* the CRM and not *by* the CRM (SIG).

> Il giorno 21/lug/2015, alle ore 19:03, Jim Salmons
<jim.salmons at factminers.org> ha scritto:
> Paola and #cidocCRM SIG members,
> First, a quick update to note that I am now an “official card-carrying member”
of ICOM with participation in the CIDOC community! It took many weeks, but my
official membership card and welcome pack arrived yesterday. As election results
of my proposed membership into the #cidocCRM SIG. I will be very pleased if I
have the opportunity to say that I am a #cidocCRM SIG member.)
> To this end, I have to admit to nearly drooling on my keyboard at Paola’s note
describing the upcoming #TPDL2015 workshop (http://vast-lab.org/emf-crm2015/).
While we don’t know yet which specific presentations will be made, this will
surely be a “watershed” opportunity to gather and share good information about
current and emerging #cidocCRM-related projects. It would be a shame for this
information to be presented only to those in attendance at the workshop, then
lost to the “back burner” of expensive academic press access.

No expensive academic press. All accepted papers will be published online on
ceur-ws.org a few days before (or, perhaps, after) the workshop. Then, possibly,
a revised version will be published on journals.

> Indeed, these presentations will likely be a showcase of “best practices” and
“lessons learned” that will be invaluable as new users and developers begin
working with the #cidocCRM.
> PROPOSAL: Can we arrange for this workshop to be webcast for remote “real time
attendance/conversation” as well as record this stream for re-purposing as video
resource material on the upcoming new cidoc-crm.org website?

Sure, but we must check with the local organizers if this is
acceptable/feasible. I am confident it will be acceptable, not so much it will
be feasible. In any case we can record the workshop and broadcast it on youtube
- I don’t know if it will get many likes :)

> For my part to help make this webcast/recording possible, I would be happy to
work with any “boots on the ground” folk who may be planning to attend the
workshop. I’d do whatever I can to assist in preparing for,promoting, and
delivering this proposed webcast/recording. (A Google Hangout on the Air, for
example, might be a good way to deliver the live stream while it transparently
records the sessions for YouTube-based post-workshop viewing.)

Thanks, we’ll keep you posted.



Prof Franco Niccolucci
Director, VAST-LAB
PIN - U. of Florence
Scientific Coordinator

Piazza Ciardi 25
59100 Prato, Italy
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