[Crm-sig] Disjunct properties

Dan Matei danmatei50 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 23:00:22 EET 2015

Hi everyone (and Happy New Year !)

I ask again for advice... How to express (elegantly) a disjunction between
two properties ?


Case 1:

In less than two weeks I came across two paintings (one in Bucharest and
one in Baltimore) having alternative authorship (not in the sense of
"controversial" attribution).

The Baltimore one is:

The label on the Walters Museum wall reads:

Bartolo di Fredi or Andrea di Bartolo (son)

The description ("...The Massacre of the Innocents might have been executed
by both Bartolo and Andrea (active 1389-1428), working collaboratively as a
father and son team....") indicates that we have here an inclusive OR.

Note: an art historian tells me that there are a lot of such cases !

Case 2:

An alternative dating, e.g.

Tiziano VECELLIO, dit TITIEN (Pieve di Cadore, 1488/1490 - Venise, 1576)

For the moment, I have only a "brute force" solution (sorry for the lack of

Case 1:

<id0> <[E22] The Massacre of the Innocents> < crm:P108i_was_produced_by>
<[E12] id-creation>

<id1> <[E12] id-creation> <crm:P11_had_participant> <[E21] Bartolo>

<id2> <[E12] id-creation> <crm:P11_had_participant> <[E21] Andrea di

<id3> <id1> <inclusiveOr> <id2>

NB. I could handle the controversial attributions in a similar way. Since
each of my statements is linked to its provenance, i.e. to a
crm:E13_Attribute Assignment, each alternative attribution is linked to a
different E13.

Case 2:

<id4> <[E21] Tiziano> <crm:P98i was_born> <[E67] id-birth>

<id5> <[E67] id-birth> <crm:P4_has_time-span> <[E52] 1488>

<id6> <[E67] id-birth> <crm:P4_has_time-span> <[E52] 1490>

<id7> <id5> <exclusiveOr> <id6>

It is possible to avoid <inclusiveOr> and <exclusiveOr> ? (I'm not too
happy with this solution.)


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