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Dear all,
Yes, this "Subproperty of" actually reflects a former state of the model, 
in which the range of R20 was E5 Event. It was me who asked that the range 
be relaxed to E2 Temporal Entity, as the fist example for F21 Recording 
Work clearly refers to the recording of a condition state, but I 
overlooked the fact that this conflicts with the "Subproperty of" 
statement. I think this could be solved by declaring two "Subproperty of 
shortcut of" statements, on the same pattern as for R65 recorded aspects 
of, one resulting in E5 Event, and one resulting in E3 Condition State.
Best wishes,

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[Crm-sig] new CIDOC CRM issue

New CIDOC CRM (and not FRBR) Issue

Dear all,

The FRBR property R20 recorded with Domain:F29 Recording Event and Range:
E2 Temporal Entity is declared as a subproperty of E7 Activity: P15 was
influenced by (influenced):E5 Event: P9B forms part of: E5 Event: P9
consists of: E5 Event.
This path makes sense up to the …influenced by –part. The
range of this influence can be anything (E1 CRM Entity) but not an E5
event (which is a subclass of E2 and not a superclass) and additionally, a
part-whole relationship (P9 consists of) can not be assigned to E2
Temporal Entities (only to E4 Periods)-as it is declared in CRM.
Consequently, the question is how can we describe events having as parts
states? (because it seems that this was the intention to capture with this
property: Recording Events recorded: Temporal Entity (and the subproperty
mentioned above).

Athina Kritsotaki

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