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On Feb 20, 2015 12:14 PM, "Maximilian Schich" <maximilian at schich.info>

> - There no truth in art. Every artist attribution is an opinion, even if
its probability is 100%.

"'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,'  - that is all
Ye know on Earth, or need to know."

(What's a Grecian Urn? About €1200 a month.)

If the probability that S holds is 100% then it is true; if the probability
is 0%, then it is false.

If an opinion T is that the probability that S holds is 100%, then the
probability then that S holds is based on adding that evidence to ones
decision making process (the probability that T holds may be affected by
other sources of evidence).

> - There is a gradient, not a dualism: There are +250 versions of "not
quite Rembrant", just like there are +250 versions of gender in Facebook.
Their frequency is tailed.

There's Rembrandt, and there's not exactly, just like there's cis-, and
there's not exactly...

Because of the way that cis- (as defined by Serrano (2007)) historically
depends on whether a person has *ever* experienced any misalignment between
their mental and physical sexes, it is not generally possible for an
observer to tell if a person is cis- or not.


P. S.
Facebook doesn't so much have 250+ values for Gender as have 250+ strings
denoting a smaller number of values. They only store a single gender
(identity or expression).

[1] Serano, J. (2007). *Whipping girl: A transsexual woman on sexism and
the scapegoating of femininity*. Seal Press.
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