[Crm-sig] new CIDOC CRM issue

Athina Kritsotaki athinak at ics.forth.gr
Thu Feb 19 15:26:47 EET 2015

New CIDOC CRM (and not FRBR) Issue

Dear all,

The FRBR property R20 recorded with Domain:F29 Recording Event and Range:
E2 Temporal Entity is declared as a subproperty of E7 Activity: P15 was
influenced by (influenced):E5 Event: P9B forms part of: E5 Event: P9
consists of: E5 Event.
This path makes sense up to the …influenced by –part. The
range of this influence can be anything (E1 CRM Entity) but not an E5
event (which is a subclass of E2 and not a superclass) and additionally, a
part-whole relationship (P9 consists of) can not be assigned to E2
Temporal Entities (only to E4 Periods)-as it is declared in CRM.
Consequently, the question is how can we describe events having as parts
states? (because it seems that this was the intention to capture with this
property: Recording Events recorded: Temporal Entity (and the subproperty
mentioned above).

Athina Kritsotaki

Athina Kritsotaki
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