[Crm-sig] new CIDOC CRM issue

Athina Kritsotaki athinak at ics.forth.gr
Thu Feb 19 12:32:53 EET 2015

Dear all,

The property “R64 used name (was name used by)” , Domain: F52
Name Use Activity – Range : E41 Appellation should be a  subproperty
of “P16 used specific object”  and not a subrpoperty of
“P141 assigned”, since it expresses a special case of the use
of appellation for the outcome of the activity and not an assignment; This
statement is also consistent with the FRBR ISSUE 18, which corrected the
scope note of  F52 with statements about types of name uses, interpreting
in that way the property “P16.1 mode of use” .

Athina Kritsotaki

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